Monday, June 28, 2010

Life in a Honda CRV

I'm off to Searcy for the 3rd Monday in a row. I've been honored to speak at Harding Uplift this year. I'm speaking in between two Spirit-filled preachers--Don Mclaughlin and Brian Mashburn. It's been an opportunity to speak a word of Jesus into the lives of thousands of teens. I'm blessed to be around them. Brandon Tittle does a great job spearheading this camp. He's a minister who happens to be a director.

After I teach Tuesday morning, our family is driving to Amarillo for a family reunion with Kayci's side of the family. Two boys in a car for that long...thank you whoever invented the portable DVD player!


  1. lets just hope your portable DVD player works better for Truitt and Noah than it did for Lucas. . .

  2. today was an unusual Sunday....I accompanied a family to a biker's service. It was held outside, with about 250 bikers some had thier children and significiant other with them. The person leading the teaching was amazing and it was more like a bible study than just a service. Alot of the people there had been introduced to Jesus while in jail, and they continue to want to know more.. My thought was how sad they aren't welcome into our "church building" and our church families. These are the very people in Christ's day he would have sought out. How greatful I am to the family who invited me. The person leading the service is an associate pastor at a local church. What an amazing ministy. I'm not a biker..I haven't ridden on one since college..over 35 years ago. What a blessing this day has been.