Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13, 2010

I'm considering taking a break from blogging for a while. Maybe it's a time thing. Maybe it is a lack of passion. I don't know.

Two weeks ago we made a drive out to Amarillo to celebrate Billy and Melba's (Kayci's grandparents) 60th anniversary. It was a very long trip and a very short celebration, but it was worth every minute of the drive. There were many bright parts of the trip, but the highlight for me was probably the little time I had with my sister-in-law, Amy. Amy lost her first husband to a freak accident over a decade ago. She married Kayci's oldest brother in March of 2002. She understands the pain of grief and loss. Our conversation didn't end with answers to grief, but it did give me courage to continue on the journey of faith.

This past week, David and Malaya have been in Memphis with us. They left this morning after a 9-day stay. It was incredible. David is a brother for life and I consider him a dear friend. It was an honor to stuff his face with some ribs from Rendezvous. Malaya is 10, and she's hilarious. We loved showing them off at church on Sunday.

My little bro comes with his family Thursday night and they'll leave on Sunday. He's going to lead worship this Sunday at SVC.

So, there you have it...the last two weeks of my life...and why I haven't been blogging much recently.


  1. I can't believe it! No mention of Steinbreener.
    I hope your hiatus from blogging is brief.

  2. Well, Josh Ross, NO WONDER you haven't been blogging. You've been one busy guy. Have I told you recently that I am so thankful for your Spirit-saturated pursuit of faith? Believe me, brother, the life you lead in the eyes of men is so led and fed by the Holy Spirit. But, I must confess, I learn the most from you and about you through the deep riches of your heart. Your inner life shines through your ministry, through your family, and through your Kingdom work. I love you deeply, friend! You are someone whom I'm honored to consider one of my mentors of this current generation of Christ-honoring disciples. Thank you for living with complete humility unrelenting and deep-rooted authenticity, and a fervent passion to know the heart and Person of Christ more fully. You are a treasure. Give Kayci a hug for me and I will put the sale of your house in my daily prayers for you.

  3. Josh, I am a faithful reader of your blogs, I dont respond to them much, but they do teach me and show me so much about God. So I will continue to pray for you, and hope that you enjoy your break, and get back to us soon. Your a wonderful role model, a teacher, husband and father, and so many of us respect you and learn thru you. You and your sweet family are still in our prayers. And I just know Jenny is so very proud of you..

  4. I understand blogging breaks but hope you will keep it up over the long-term. So many of your posts have challenged me to grow with God and I feel He is using you in this forum to help others see God a bit better and to look inward and search our hearts to see if they are aligned with God's will.

  5. Yea, this summer has been so busy, that blogging is really hard. Hope you are doing well, and you are always in my prayers.

  6. Josh,
    Some of us out here miss byour blogs...Even though we understand taking a break to shave time for family, friends and to spend time alon with God...
    There arent' many preachers or 'christians' who understand how important it is to seek out the broken and lost...I personally miss that message you send in your blog. So my prayer for you and your family is that things are going as God plans for you and all of you are well.